Life Fitness Balance

Life Fitness Balance

Life is for enjoying and making memories that will make you smile for years to come. It’s about spending time with your friends and doing fun things and exploring amazing places. It’s about taking advantage of the opportunities put in front of you and experiencing them to the fullest.

Sounds easy right – doing things that will make you laugh and are fun. Why would you even consider passing up the opportunity to go on holiday, try out an amazing restaurant or party the night away? You’d be stupid to actively avoid such great activities. But sometimes, we are stupid right and as much as I hate to admit it, I have wasted times that could have been well spent, hiding away.

Why? Because a holiday means an extended time away from the gym, restaurants mean it’s not possible to know exactly what you are eating and a night out probably means a lot of alcohol - aka empty calories.  

I have heard it from a number of people, and experienced it myself – when the need to keep up with fitness and nutrition leaves you isolating yourself from the outside world. I personally have been known to turn down social engagements or orchestrate meet ups so I can fit people in around my gym session and sort out my own meals. I have been known to miss out on nights out, staying at home in the evening because that way I can make sure I finish my day within my guidelines. But why? Because the obsession with being 100% committed to fitness doesn’t allow for time out – or at least it can feel that way.

Over the past few months this has been something I have really looked at addressing - learning that fitness doesn’t have to control my life choices and should instead should enhance them. If I have worked hard in the gym that morning, then I deserve to go out with my friends and have a big burger and chips later. If I have eaten well all week, then I should go out, dance the night away with a few drinks and show off my hard work. There needs to be a balance, where you find the right time to make fitness the priority, but also know that it’s ok to put other things first as well.  

The past month or so I can honestly say my outlook on life has transformed. Whilst fitness will always be a huge priority for me, I have really taken on board the fact that it doesn’t have to be the only option. Yes I still plan in my gym sessions and track my foods, but I am becoming much more ok with letting go and not being in control 24/7. If I’m sticking to the plan the majority of the time, then obviously I can have a burger, chips, ice cream, cookies if I want them – because it’s fun to share that with friends and that’s what life is about. What’s wrong with ordering a bit of wine with dinner – I would never have dreamt of doing that a few months ago – but it just makes experiences that little bit better so why not?

So my advice, no matter how hard it may be – and believe me I totally get it because I've been there - is to not let fitness and nutrition be the be all and end all. Yes it’s great to look good and feel hot in the mirror, but is it worth sacrificing memories that can last a lifetime, just for a great bikini mirror selfie? Sometimes fitness can feel like an all or nothing kind of thing, but there has to be a balance between following your goals and living life. I for one don’t want to look back in 10 years time and have regrets and neither should you!