Weekly Training Diary

Training Diary Entries


Since going to Les Mills GFX Liverpool I have been inspired to properly get back into eating well and clean and recording what I eat and do in the gym. I have increased my food intake a day compared to earlier weeks, trying 5 meals a day instead of 4. I ate very well during the week, but slipped up a little at the weekend. However, I am seeing results from my training and diet and more than ready to smash out another healthy week!


This week was a little different in the fact that I had to record everything I ate for 6 days for a project- grams of food and all. So here is everything I ate down to the last T. I will be doing a post about this week as I learnt so many things whilst monitering my food intake so watch out for it coming in the next few days


This week at uni we tended to eat dinner fairly early (around 6pm) This meant that I wasn't able to have a shake after a workout late in the day as dinner was too soon after. Unfortunately this just led to late night snacking, which was not exactly what I was going for. Going to try and eat later so that I can have dinner as my last meal!


apologese for lack of sessions being recorded. With getting back settled into uni I didn't have a chance to write down my training and when I went to do it, I couldn't remember what I had done. Will try and keep ontop of it from now on!


last week before uni ahhh


Had a few birthday celebrations this week so snacky food was eaten. But you know what? Who cares. Got to enjoy life and food sometimes.


This was definitely a better week for me, training and diet wise. Although, eating so cleanly all week took it's toll and I did branch out a little on the chocolate and snacks at the weekend. However, there's nothing wrong with that. You need to give your body a bit of a treat occasionally so it doesn't get too used to it's standard intake. Plus, sometimes a bit of chocolate is just what you need!


This week had more desserts and cheat meals than normal as it included my actual birthday and other birthday celebrations - basically I slacked a little on the diet. Also, I popped out a rib on the friday and so could not train saturday or sunday. Overall not a great week on the fitness side, but going to get back in, make this next week good and smash it up!