Easy Exercise

Easy Exercise

Lots of people aren't always able to find time in the day to go to the gym or go for a run. This is especially evident for uni students or working professionals. You don't want to get up extra early to go before work, and afterwards, you are too tired. However, it is really easy to get in a bit of daily exercise without too much effort. Here are some tips to keep you active throughout the day.

1. Walk or cycle rather than taking the bus 
- When working at uni, school or in an office, one spends a lot of time sitting down. This does nothing for the heart rate or metabolism. To compensate for the long hours on your bum, it is important to be active on your way to and from the chair. Whilst the bus may be the most efficient and comfortable option, walking or cycling are much better choices. A simple 15 minute walk twice a day can help to keep you active and burn off a few more calories than you would think

2. Take the stairs not the lift
- Even if you are on the 6th floor, make a promise to yourself to take the stairs over the lift. Walking up stairs is great for the legs and it gets the heart rate up quickly. If you go to and from your room 5 times a day, you are easily increasing the number of calories burnt daily. 

3. Fit in a home workout
- Getting to the gym everyday can be difficult due to our busy lives. However, you have all the equipment you need in your house. All you have to do is improvise - using backpacks as weights, chairs as steps, and the carpet as your mat. Alternatively, clear some space in the middle of the room and make up a bodyweight HIIT circuit. The opportunities are endless! Check out my bedroom workout post for some home workout ideas.

4. Find a gap in the middle of your day
It is unlikely that we are going to be totally busy all day everyday. Organise your time and find a small gap in the middle of the day and use this time to go to the gym. Even if it is only 30 minutes, it is better than nothing and you will feel good afterwards. Sometimes you will of course lack the motivation to do this, but if you promise someone else you will go with them, this will force you to go. Another trick is to put on gym clothes underneath your normal wear so you are already half way to working out. And finally, put it in your diary so you know it is something you have to do!

5. Join a team
Recreational team sports are always a great thing to join to get in a bit of daily exercise. You burn calories and get the added bonus of having fun socialising with friends. Pick something you enjoy, at a time that suits you, so it won't become a chore and you can motivate your friends to do the same. 

Getting in a bit of exercise a day is very important. As you have seen there are ways to do this without even having to put in too much effort. What do you do for that extra exercise? I've recently brought my bike to uni and now every lecture I attend I get the added bonus of burning more calories. Also, now I can get a good warmup and cool down on the way to and from the gym on my bike, so I can get straight into my training!

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