Increase that Metabolism

Increase that Metabolism

A couple of summers ago, I managed to get to a point where I had increased my metabolism so much that I was generally able to eat what I wanted without seeing much change in my body. I have never had that before and so it was an amazing place for me to be. I am no longer at that point and I do see differences in my body week to week based on how I eat. However, I am ready to get back to where I was by implementing these tips. Have a look and try these out. 

*For the best weight loss results, combine these tips with a clean diet and regular exercise* 

Tricks to Increase your Metabolism

1. Eat Breakfast 

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, mainly because it is what gives you the energy to get going. After a long fast during the night, your body needs that nutrients on waking up to kick that metabolism into action. If you skip breakfast, you are increasing the time between eating, meaning your body goes into starvation mode and starts to store any food that you do eat. 

2. Small Meals throughout the day

People tend to eat three big meals a day; breakfast, lunch, dinner. However, if you are awake for 15 hours of the day, then you are only eating every 5 hours. In that time, your metabolism slows down as it does not need to work to break down food. If you eat more often (every 3 hours) your metabolism gets less of a chance to slow down as it needs to constantly be working and elevated. (Of course, if you eat 5 meals in a day, then they do need to be smaller in size than 3 big meals - just split your calories over 5 instead of 3.) You will find yourself getting more hungry this way - a good sign that you are burning up your food!

3. Green Tea and Coffee

Adding in a few cups of green tea and coffee to your day can help to increase metabolism. Green tea contains catechins which are antioxidants that are known to increase your resting metabolism by 4%. Coffee is a stimulant and the caffeine has been said to boost your metabolism by up to 8%. 

4. Protein 

The more muscle you have, the greater your rate of burning in the body. Therefore you should hit the weights section and build more muscle in order to burn more fat naturally. Also, protein takes longer to digest than other foods, meaning thermogenesis occurs for a longer time frame. Overall, you are burning more calories on a greater time scale. 


High intensity interval training is a sure fire way to up that metabolism. It is only a 30 minute workout and so is fairly easy to squeeze into the middle of your day. As well as burning lots of calories in a short period of time by raising your metabolic rate during exercise, it also have a long lasting effect on the body. Your metabolic rate remains elevated for hours afterwards, meaning you continue to burn calories long after the workout. If you are really feeling up to it, try HIIT in the morning and then another session in the afternoon. This longs out the period of an elevated metabolism. 

6. Water 

You need water for normal bodily functions - this includes that metabolism. If you consume high levels of water then your metabolism can function more efficiently and quickly. 

7. Omega 3

Eating fish and other foods high in omega 3 can help to increase your metabolism. Omega 3 helps to decrease blood sugar levels, regulate your metabolism and also decrease your leptin resistance. This is a sure fire way to slash the calories and loose weight. 

8. Keep eating those Calories

It's really important not to decrease your calorie consumption too drastically when trying to loose weight. Your body will notice your lowered food intake and adjust it's metabolism accordingly. Actually by eating more calories, your body keeps its metabolism elevated as it doesn't need to store food for a later use. 

In order to loose weight, you need to increase your metabolism. If you don't have time to go to the gym more often then there are a few little tricks you can add into your day to help elevate your metabolic rate and shed the pounds. Eventually you will hit a point where your metabolism is so fast you need to eat often because you are hungry, but are able to burn up what you eat and don't gain weight. Surely that is a win-win situation?