Bedroom Workout

Bedroom Workout

Don't have time to make it to the gym today, but feel like you need a quick pulse raiser? Here is a little circuit you can do from the comfort of your own bedroom, using all that furniture as substitue gym equipment. 

Quick Warmup 
2 min stair walking, gradually increasing the pace to raise the HR
10 sec slow jog on spot
10 sec faster jog on spot
10 sec jog lifting knees on spot  + moving arms
10 sec high knee jog on spot + faster arm movement
10 sec high knee run on spot + drive arms forward and back 

Circuit 1 - repeat 3 times, with 45 secs rest between each round. 

20 Step ups onto bed/stool 
15 Decline press ups with feet on bed/chair/desk/bed side table
20 Backward stepping lunges with filled backpack on back or jumping lunges 
30 second wall sit

1 min rest

Circuit 2 - Repeat 3 times with 45 secs rest between each round

25 squats with filled rucksack on back or jumping squats
15 Tricep dips using bed/chair/desk/bed side table
30 sec bunny hops over stool
12 Burpees with/without jump
1 min rest 

Circuit 3 - Repeat 2 times with 45 secs rest between each round

30 sec squat thrusts
30 sec jumping jacks/explosive jacks
15 Inverted row (lie under desk/bedholding the edge with hands and pull yourself up and down)
20 Overhead squat holding something heavy above head
10 Clean and presses using heavy backpack as weight

If you want you can also do a short ab workout:

Ab Workout - repeat 3 times with 45 secs rest between each round

10 V sits with 2 pulses at top and lower slowly on leg lowering phase
30 Russian twists holding something eg. a folder
20 Reverse crunches with hip raise at top
15 Back extensions

Stretch Time - Feel free to use the wall/chair to lean on and feel that extra stretch

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