What's in your fridge?

Kitchen Necessities

There are lots of foods which we would all like to have in the house, but which ones are the ones we really shouldn't live without? Which ones should we always have in the house, no matter of the occasion? Here is my list of food necessities. So for all you cooks out there, make sure to stock your kitchen with these. 

10. Tinned Tuna

Tinned tuna is an excellent edition to the household food stock. It can be stored for ages and is an amazing source omega 3. Have a tuna sandwich, add it to a salad or use as a filling on a jacket potato. When you are hungry and/or in a rush, it's quick and easy protein source you should not be missing out on.

9. Cucumber 

Food is instantly made better with a few slices of cucumber. This fruit manages to freshen up a boring old sandwich, brighten up a salad and crunch nicely when eaten with any dip. It can be pickled for a gorgeous pickled cucumber or added to drinks such as pims or a mojito for added flavour. You can even use it as a cracker substitute by cutting slices and loading it with your choice of filling eg. tuna. Overall, cucumber is definitely a winner!

8. Yoghurt

Whether you enjoy Greek Yoghurt, natural yoghurt or fruit flavoured yoghurt, this is a must have for the fridge. It can take the form of a great and filling breakfast, a healthy midday snack or a dessert after dinner. Rich in calcium and protein, yoghurt is a super food we should all include in our diet.

7. Tinned Chopped Tomatoes

This may sound like an odd one, but they really are an invaluable edition to the cupboard. Use them as a base for a pasta/Bolognese sauce or create your own soups from them. My favourite use for them is ratatouille:

- Chop up some onion, courgettes and peppers and fry on a medium heat in oil
- Season with salt, pepper and oregano
- When the veg is dry, add the can of tinned tomatoes
- Simmer the mixture on a low heat

6. Sliced Meat

We couldn't live without sliced meat in our family. Whether it be ham, chicken or turkey, they are a must have in the fridge. I put ham in my omelettes or use as an accompaniment to fried egg. I like to create PB, salad and turkey rolls ups or pair chicken slices and tomato on a rice cake as a snack. Whichever way you eat them, they are nice low calories source of protein to have between meals. 

5. Oats 

Oats are a slow release carbohydrate which makes them a great source of long term energy. Combine them with nuts, seeds and berries for a great breakfast or have as a late night snack when hungry before bed. Alternatively, the are amazing for healthy-ish treats. My favourites include:

- Stir peanut butter and a little bit of honey into oats. Roll into balls and put in the fridge to set
- Stir melted dark chocolate and raisins into oats. Roll into balls and put in the fridge to set 
- Use oats to make healthy flapjacks - examples on my old post - Harris Bars

4. Berries 

All fruit are great to have in the house for a little snack, but berries in my opinion are the best. They are lower in calories and sugar compared with other fruits, so you won't feel guilty indulging in a few handfuls. They are also great to spice up a bowl of yoghurt in the morning or as a healthy but sweet treat after a meal. My favourites are blueberries, strawberries and raspberries. Get them fresh or frozen depending on how fast you go through them! 

3. Peanut butter

People will disagree, but I'm biased and love this stuff so couldn't live without it. I add PB to fruit - eg. apples, bananas - to get a bit of fat and protein into my fruit, keeping me fuller for longer. If you want to treat yourself, make sure to add PB to your cookies and cake mixtures to give that delicious nutty taste. Also, PB can be used for a brilliant satay sauce for chicken or any white meat stir fry. I make mine from a mix of:

- Peanut butter 
- Dark Soy sauce
- Honey
- Chili Sauce
- Lemon juice
- Boiling water

2. Eggs

I think that eggs are an absolutely god send. There are so many things you can create using them, from meals to salad or sandwich fillers to sweet treats. They can be eaten at any time of the day and promise to fill you up until your next meal. Some of my favourite savoury egg recipes include:

- Tomato, onion and broccoli omelette
- Scrambled eggs and smoked Salmon with a dash of lemon
- Fried egg and ham on toast

1. One Calorie Spray

I cannot tell you what I did before I owned this. Whenever I cook round at some one else's house I feel genuinely lost without this amazing invention. Simply spray it a few times onto pots and pans surfaces and you will never have to worry about using too much oil in your cooking again. I never use oil when frying eggs, meat or anything for that matter, saving me lots of calories, as well as leaving the food tasting a lot lighter and less fatty. This is my all time kitchen necessity that I cannot live without!

So there we have it, my top 10 kitchen can't live withouts. If you agree/disagree/ have your own necessities please get in touch!

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