New Years Resolutions

New Years Resolutions

How many times have you heard - 'I'll start in January' ? 

With 2015 only a couple of days away, everyone appears to be going through the standard routine of thinking up resolutions. Unfortunately, as we all know, these promises are few and far between and as positive as we all begin the new year, motivation dies out after a couple of weeks and we revert to our old ways. However, for those of you who intend to have health and fitness goals this coming new year and the desire to keep them going as long as possible, I have some tips to help you do just that!

1. One Change

There is no point giving yourself a million habits to change in the new year. You can only put your mind to one thing. Focus on quitting smoking, drinking less, eating less junk food or going to the gym more often. By deciding what is the most important change you want to make and not worrying about changing every part of your lifestyle you will be able to put all your energy into it. Once it feels normal, you can start to introduce changes in other areas as well. 

2. Start Small

Changing your habits completely or going cold turkey can be really difficult, causing mood swings and eventually leading to you reverting back to old ways. The key is to make small changes until you are used to them and then you can change a little bit more. This will take time, but is a much better way to ensure a long term change.

Such small changes might include:

-Spending an extra few minutes on the cardio machines each time you go to the gym
-Going to the gym one extra time per week
-Eating one less biscuit a day

3. Be Specific 

There is no point jumping in with vague statements and promising yourself to be 'healthier' in the coming year. What does 'healthier' actually even mean? You need to specify exactly what change you are going to make and ensure it is manageable. That way you will have a clear goal in your mind which you can follow. 

Specific goals to improve overall health might include:

-Increasing the number of portions of fruit and vegetables eaten per day from 5 to 6
-Replacing that 2nd glass of coke consumed daily with a glass of water
-Eating a chocolate biscuit every other day instead of each day

4. Really want it

In order to keep up a resolution, it really has to be something you want to do. Make sure you think about it carefully instead of just coming up with something for the sake of it. Research the best way to stick to your plans and get friends involved in the process. That way you can share your secrets and give each other motivation to keep going.

5. Log your progress

By writing down how you are doing in relation to your goals, you will be able to see the changes you are making and see how far you have come. This could take the shape of a diary, a food log, exercise tracker or checklist. Once you start seeing your progress, you won't be able to stop and you will be proud to track how far you have come.

6. Be Resilient

We all have bad days where we break our promises, but don't let this stop you. One slip up doesn't change anything and once you make something a habit, it'll be harder to break next time. Tomorrow is a new day and there is always room to make up for little slip ups along the way. It won't always be easy, but we can do it.

My Resolutions

1. One change

- My fitness levels are pretty high at the moment and I am happy with them. I am focussing on my diet this coming year as my body image changes drastically, depending on what I eat.

2. Start Small

- I do not tend to eat much chocolate or biscuits in general, but I do snack on nuts a bit too much. Whilst they contain healthy fats, the amount I eat is not quite so healthy. I am going to continue eating them with my meals but cut them out as between meal snacks.

3. Be specific

-I am going to aim to eat 4 or 5 proper meals a day, without snacking in between. With each meal I am going to have a good balance between carbs, protein and fats on my plate. Once a week - either Friday or Saturday- I will have a cheat meal where I will eat whatever I want. 

4. Really want it

-My body is about 80% dependent on the food I eat, in my opinion. It doesn't matter how much or how hard I am training, I won't look the way I want to unless I sort out my diet. Although I love training in general, I want to reap the benefits for my body as well as my mind this year!

5. Log your Progress

- I am going to keep a food diary and fill it in with the foods I eat. I have done this in the past and given up when I've had a bad day as I was ashamed to log it. This time I am going to write down that bad food so I have the motivation to improve the following day.

6. Be Resilient

- One food slip up won't change 6 days of good eating. It's time to get in the best shape of my life.

No matter what your resolution, join me and let's make 2015 the best year of our lives!

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