Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday

The first Monday in January usually means back to work, school, university etc and back to normal, boring life after a fun Christmas period. However, it doesn't have to be such a sad, drag of a day. Instead it can be the start of an amazing new year.

Monday has typically been the day we have the most amount of motivation to start something new. It signifies the beginning of a new week and therefore allows for a change in mentality and desire to achieve. 

With today being the first Monday of 2015, I believe it is even more important than normal to find this willpower and motivation and kick start what is going to be a great year. If you have always wanted to get fit, start today! If you have dreamt of fitting into those old pair of jeans again, start today! If you wish you could be happier within yourself, make that change today! It is time to put those new years resolutions into practice and make 2015 the best year yet!

I have come up with some motivation tips to get you started in your journey to becoming the best you in 2015

1. Use short term and long term goals

Long term goals can be hard to keep fighting for. The final result seems so far away and requires so much work that it is easy to give up. Short term goal setting is therefore the way forward. By focusing our mind on small battles, we can see our progress in little stages and be pleased with ourselves for making each change. Every goal we surpass, we are one step closer to achieving our overall goal and it starts to appear much more realistic and possible. 

2. Set out and write down your goals 

 By noting down things that you want to achieve this year, it really will give you the hunger to work hard to get there. The act of writing it down will make it clear in your mind what you actually want and seeing your goal in a tangible form will make it feel possible and not just a random wish. Also, if ever you feel a lack of motivation, you can re-look up your goal, remember the desire you felt when writing it down and this will help you to get back on track to achieving it. 

3. Track your progress

If you know where you've started from and you know where you want to end up, there is no reason why you shouldn't plan and/or track the stages in between. By setting out a strategy to follow, you will be motivated to reach your goal as you know how to behave at each step of the way. By tracking progress, you can see how far you've come and how close you are to your goal as well. You can take pride in how far you've come and this will keep you motivated in any down period. 

4. Motivating images

Find an image or quotation which motivates you. Something that immediately fills you with a sense of desire and need to achieve. Set this as your phone background or stick it up on your wall so every time you turn on your phone or walk into your room, you see this image. Of course the impact of the image will wear off after a month or so, but if you keep updating it, then your motivation will continue to prosper. 

5. Publise your journey

Compliments, praise and positive feedback are a huge motivator. There is nothing like the sense of pride felt after a friend has noticed the changes you've made and praised you for them. Speak to your friends and family, help them follow in your journey and motivate you along the way. If you want, create a twitter, instagram or even write your own blog. It's amazing how motivated you feel when others comment on how well you are doing. On top of that, there is no better feeling that receiving a message saying how you are helping and inspiring someone else to make a change. That is the biggest compliment of all and the biggest drive for anyones motivation.

I hope this post has helped you to really build up that desire and need to make a change for the better. 

Throughout the normal week we always say, 'I'll start on Monday.' 

Over Christmas we have all said, 'I'll start in January.' 

It's time to combine the two and make that change today! If not today, then when? 


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