Breakfast fit for a king

Breakfast Fit For A King

In my last post - Breaking Down the Breakfast Myth, we clarified how we all seem to have specific idea and perception of what is and what isn't 'breakfast food'. After reading, some of you may now be thinking - what should I now be eating in the morning? I'm writing this post to give you a few ideas.

1. Eggs 

Eggs are the easiest option for breakfast, containing protein and healthy fats to keep you energised throughout the morning. There are so many options with them, so you will find something to suit your needs.
Opt for - 
Scrambled eggs on toast
Fried Eggs with smoked salmon on toast
Poached eggs on toast
Vegetable Frittata
2 Egg vegetable omelette

Literally the world is your oyster when it comes to cooking with eggs and you pretty much can't go wrong with them for your first meal of the day.

2. Meat

Some form of protein at breakfast is exactly how you should be kick starting your day. This will keep you fuller for longer and help to rebuild any muscle tears broken down from yesterdays workout. 

If you don't think you can stomach a steak or chicken breast, trick your mind into believing you are eating a classic 'breakfast food' in order to get in your protein. 

Form turkey mince into patties or sausage shapes, cook and enjoy on toast, with scrambled eggs or on its own. This is a great breakfast choice and much healthier that fatty pork sausages. 

 3. Shake

If you are still struggling to eat meat, a protein shake might be the best way forward. Create your own morning smoothie, blending protein powder, fruit, nut butters, ice etc. The options are endless here and the thick drink will do wonders for filling you up and giving you energy for the day!

4. Home-made granola, yoghurt, nuts and fruit 

Shop bought granola is laden with sugar, but if you make your own, you can decide exactly what goes in it. Mix together oats, nuts, seeds, rice puffs etc and use maple syrup/honey to stick it together. Bake for 5-10min (until golden brown) and enjoy with a bowl of low fat greek yoghurt, coconut flakes, almonds and berries. This is such a light, clean and refreshing breakfast - perfect for those sunny days. 

5. Pancakes

People see pancakes as a luxury, but there's no reason why this should be the case. It is so easy to make your own healthy pancakes and you can choose beautiful toppings to make it an absolute delight. 
There are many types of healthy pancakes you can make- here are some examples

1. Mash up and banana and mix with 2 eggs. Cook the batter in a frying pan and serve up.
2. Instead of plain flour, choose coconut flour and combine with an egg and a dash of milk. Add a drop of honey for sweetness if you please. (add optional protein powder)
3. Grind up oats and combine with egg, milk and honey. (add optional protein powder)

4. I fully recommend buying MyProtein pancake mixture. It is so simple to make (you just add milk) and tastes great! The nutrition is amazing- with 191 cals, 34g protein, 6g carbs - 2.1g sugars. Feels like a treat, but is totally clean and healthy - freeing you up slightly to drizzle as much PB on top as you like!

6. Toast and a Nut Butter

'Putting toast back on the menu' is Dr Zak's special phrase. His protein bread contains much less carbs than normal bread and 15g protein per slice. I can vouch for the fact it tastes no different from normal bread, just with a lot better macros. Spread your choice of nut butter on top - I recommend Nuts N More or Hognut butters as they are high in protein and delicious. You can even create a protein bread stack - layers of PB, berries and yoghurt between slices of Dr Zak. Again, feels like a treat, but is so far from it!