Easy Energy Balls

Easy Energy Balls

If you are looking for a quick snack, then energy bars can be a great option. However, the bars that you buy in the shops tend to be laden with additives, refined sugar and general rubbish. If you want to be healthy and know exactly what it is you are eating, then the best thing to do is make your own.
It’s so easy to make your own energy balls and takes no time at all. Raid your cupboard of all natural, nutty and fruity ingredients and simply blend them all together and roll into ball shapes. Dip in chocolate or any topping you desire and store in the fridge. You can try out any combination of ingredients that sounds tasty.

Here are some I made the other day. I literally opened my cupboard, pulled out a variety of bags including; ground almonds, flaked almonds, shredded coconut, cashew nuts and dates. Blended them all together with a little Sweet freedom and rolled them into balls. I then melted some coconut oil with cacao powder and dipped in the energy balls, covering the tops.

They don’t look like anything special you would serve at a dinner party, but they really do taste great and give you a quick boost! Perfect as a pre-workout snack.

(In fact, Mr Dave Kyle, Les Mills UK head trainer, just had 2 of mine before his workout – I’m basically famous!)

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