Since I was a young child, I have always loved Ice-cream. Any flavour, any weather, I'm game!

After the trauma that was my C3 maths A level, I ate a whole tub of ice-cream. As a 2 year old, I used to force my parents to buy me ice-cream at the park in the middle of winter. When on holiday, I formally re-named 4pm as 'ice-cream o'clock'. 

You can quite clearly see, ice-cream is one of favourite treats. Unfortunately, that's all it remains nowadays- a treat. 

However, I have discovered a new, healthy version of ice-cream and it is called 'Nicecream'. It's core ingredient is bananas and other than that, the flavour choice falls down to you. 

Making Nice-cream couldn't be more simple. It is made my freezing bananas and then simply whizzing them up in a blender. You can choose to add other ingredients for variety in flavour. Options I have tried so far include, cocoa powder, peanut butter, berries and they were all great! 

The possibilities for nice-cream are endless. It is genuinely like eating real ice-cream, but without the high fat and refined sugar. You can feel good about yourself, indulging on what appears to be a delicious, creamy dessert, but is quite simply a banana... 

So, with summer on it's way (fingers crossed), give Nice-cream a go and feel good about treating yourself :) 

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