Back on track

Back on track

A Quick Background

Starting at Loughborough University last September proved to be a complete whirlwind. A new place, new people and basically- a new life. I wasn't able to take in everything at once and unfortunately the temptations of the Elvyn Dining Hall deserts twice a day proved to be too much for me. I hate to say it, but after my summer of non stop health and fitness, I went back to my old ways and with it, so did my body.

Looking in the mirror

I didn't really notice the change until I got back home at christmas and I no longer felt fit dancing infront of my bedroom mirror. I remember countless days staring at myself feeling unattractive, low and crying. It wasn't that my body was any worse than it had ever been before my gym obsession. It was more that, over summer I had seen what I could look like if I worked hard and I no longer looked like that. The scariest thing was that I had no idea if I could ever get back to the way I was over summer. I had been surrounded by personal trainers helping me with sessions whenever I was up in the gym. I was cooked dinner by my wonderful mum who only used healthy ingredients and only made desert once or twice a week max, rather than every day twice a day. I lived a life where fitness was everywhere and I no longer had that at uni. Despite all the doubts in my mind, I knew the only way to fix the problem was to try. And try, I did.

Getting back in

I found myself a training partner in Loughborough. The gorgeous Hannah Fox. She was my Michael throughout my next two terms at uni. We chatted about health, fitness, nutrition and trained like crazy people together throughout the week. She kept me going through the hard times with little compliments like, 'I can definitely notice the weight dropping off' and pushing me to do that one extra rep at the end of a session. Hannah was my angel, helping me get to back on the road, despite my set back. If you are reading this Hannah, I love you girl and can't wait to get back in the kitchen and gym with ya!

It was from that point that my fitness journey, which I will document on this blog, really began.
Training plans, weekly nutrition and little tips to help anyone out there reading. Stay tuned because, Next stop ... Fit!

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