Gym Stereotypes

Gym Stereotypes

It's no secret that everyone loves a good people watch and what better place to do it than at the gym where you see a huge array of people. However, despite the vast spectrum of people entering the gym floor, you will always get your stereotype of gym go-ers. Have a look, I'm sure these will sound familiar.

1. The Screamer 

There's always that one guy who likes to lift heavy, and wants everyone to know he's doing so. Your sure to hear the odd grunt throughout a set and most definitely likely to know when he's finished, as the weights make a large smash on the gym floor. 

2. The Ripped Oldie

Somewhere lurking around the gym you will find the old man or woman that's fitter and more ripped than you. It's a bit of a sorry sight, but you have to hand it to them, they've been working hard for years and deserve every double take they get! 

3. The Socialite 

We've all been interupted by the classic social gymmer. The one who comes up to the gym dressed in all their nike gear, does a few exercises here and there to seem legit, but is really just looking for a chat. Just because you don't want to work hard, doesn't mean you can interupt my rest periods! 

4. The Starer 

Who else will you find sitting on the incline chest press machine other than the inappropriate starer. They seem to take rest periods of about 10 minutes as this gives them time to observe every last detail of what you are doing. The average ones will look away and start their next set when you catch them, whilst the pros will continue to stare, despite the awkward eye contact.

5. The Mirror Lover

We've all witnessed the guy who loves to train in his hanging vest top with his guns out. We've also watched them check themselves out in the mirror with each rep they do and sit admiring themselves between their sets. Favourite exercise has to be tricep pull downs as this gives them the exuse to 'check their form' in the mirror. And if you're really lucky, you may even see them taking a cheeky selfie to post after their session. 

6. Mr Focussed

The majority of us don't like to be interupted during our workout, but there is always that one person who would shoot you if you so much as asked for a weight. Recognisable by headphones in, music blazing and a steely look in their eyes, these ones are not gymmers to be messed with. My advice, stay away! 

7. The Hot, but Clueless, Girl

In every gym you will get the hot girl who makes even 'Mr Focussed' take out his headphones and become 'The Starer'. She'll be dressed top to toe in Nike, showing off her enviable figure and caked in makeup like she's attending the Oscars. She'll potter around pretending to workout, but really she is just excited to update her social media accounts on her latest accomplishments in the gym. 

8. The Biggest Loser 

If I were to see many of one stereotype in the gym at one time, The Biggest Loser would be that person. They may not be as attractive to watch as 'The Hot Girl', but that's exactly why they are there - to one day look like her!  Next time you see one of these people, don't turn your back, point or laugh. Respect them for breaking their bad habits and getting into the gym. Good luck to them!

9. The Terrible Twins 

At some point, you will come across the training partners who seem to be conjoined at the hip. Usually dressed in matching outfits, they will enter the gym together, spot each other, rest together, leave together, share a protein shake and probably come back tomorrow together. My question is; what happens when one goes on holiday or can't make it? 

10. The one with 'All the Gear but no Idea'

Every gym has this person. The one who acts like they have been weight lifting champion of the world 5 years running and beat Usain Bolt in the last Olympic Games. Whether you've asked for their help or not, they will try to advise you on the best exercises to do and show you how to tweak your technique in order to improve. They will probably be seen trying to lift 5x heavier than anyone else... and failing... whilst using totally awful technique and have you looking desperately for the nearest First Aider. You've got to feel sorry for them; they are only trying to help. 

11. The One who Skips Leg Day

You'll probably find this gym stereotype over by the bench press. They are recognisable by their huge chest, arms and back, contrasting against their weedy stick legs. What are you doing mate? Haven't you ever heard of Legs Monday? Honestly, I don't know how they can even hold themselves up! 

12. Mr Steroids

Unfortunately, every gym has these guys as well. They will be seen lifting the lightest weights with the smallest range of movement, yet on returning to the gym the next day, they will have gained pounds of muscle. Be sure not to take a pin to them, because I'm sure they will pop and fly away like a balloon.

These are the types of people I've seen in my gym. Which ones can you spot? Can you think of any others? Or even better, which one are you? Get in touch!

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