Training diary introduction

Training diary introduction

An outline of the plan

Hopefully over the last couple of posts you have learnt a little bit about me and where/how my fitness journey began. I really want this blog to be about sharing my knowledge and giving you an opportunity to do the same. I will be posting examples of training sessions I do, talking about my nutrition throughout the week and also conducting discussions about various issues to do with health and fitness. At the end of each week, I will post a picture of my training diary, so you guys can get an idea for the sorts of things I do incase you want to give it a go. I am not perfect and my diary reflects that. This is a totally honest reflection of what I have eaten throughout the week and the training sessions I have undertaken. Hope it helps!! (Mitch is my personal trainer btw)

If you have any questions about the sessions or the meals I have eaten, do get in touch. My email address is -

This is last weeks food diary- I try to eat 4 meals a day, but like everyone I
do slip up. This can be shown over the weekend here. I ate quite a
lot of cake on Saturday afternoon whilst I was working at a party and wasn't
particularly hungry for dinner so didn't eat any. On Sunday morning I woke
up late for work and ended up skipping breakfast. WIll do better next week!

The Importance of a record

I do really reccomend creating your own training diary. It is so easy to do and really helps you to focus and keep track of your goals. If I only create four boxes per day, then I can only eat four meals a day rather than constantly snacking. If I add an exercise box, then I want to be able to fill it in. There are many apps you can use to do this, but I find doing my own one by hand is much easier. I can create pages specifically for what I want- measurements pages, food tables, picture pages etc. If I'm keeping track of what I'm eating and how I'm training, I'm more motivated to work as hard as I can!!

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